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CCACCA Scholarship

  • An undetermined number of scholarship grants will be made to high school senior(s) planning to attend college, or, undergraduate student(s) attending, or enrolled in a junior college or university, or, graduate student. Scholarships can be received for two years at junior college level, four years at university undergraduate level and one time awards for graduate students. You may reapply for a scholarship at any time.

  • The student must be majoring/minoring in an agriculture oriented program and/or all students of Contra Costa-Alameda County Cattlemen’s Association members with paid up dues, regardless of their major/minor, are eligible to apply.

  • The reward of these scholarships will be based on the following: a. Scholastics: Applicants must have a quarterly/semester grade point average of at least 2.75 on a four point scale or a cumulative 3.0 grade point average.;  b. Career Goals: Applicants should be planning a career associated with the Beef Cattle Industry. (This can include, but is not limited to cattle production, nutrition, trade and professional services, marketing, lending, health, veterinary medicine, education, etc.). Students of CCACCA members which are awarded a scholarship in a non-agricultural major are not required to take agriculture classes, however, it is strongly recommended.; c. Applicant: Must be a full-time student with at least a senior status in high school or a full-time student in either junior college or university.; d. Other Activities: Applicant should cite all activities that demonstrate leadership qualities, intellectual growth and breadth of interest.; e. Financial Need: Should be indicated.; f. Information to determine your complete comprehensive summary of courses and grades may follow application, and must be received by June 1. There must be a minimum of 3 units in an agriculture related subject (non agriculture major students are exempt. Please refer to 3b*.). Freshmen are exempt from the June 3rd deadline, but must submit a list of enrolled classes prior to college start date.

  • The CCACCA will furnish application forms for the applicant to complete and return by the indicated date together with a letter of recommendation from a faculty member of the applicant’s current school (high school, two-year college or four-year college) and a letter of recommendation from one other person of the applicant’s choosing. A copy of all the applicant’s current transcripts must also be included indicating academic status and major.

  • All applications must include a copy of the courses the student is enrolled in or plans to be enrolled in for the upcoming school quarter/semester. This information may also be “unofficial”.

  • Applicants chosen for a scholarship will be contacted regarding the disposition and amount of funds.

  • Chosen grants are to be awarded at an Alameda and/or Contra Costa County Fair Junior Livestock event.

  • A Selection Committee will be chosen annually by the current CCACCA President.

  • Applications will be screened by the Selection Committee and finalists may be called for an interview before this Committee.

  • Applications must be returned to the CCACCA office postmarked not later than June 1.

  • Scholarships awarded will be at least one four year scholarship, with the total number of scholarships being decided upon by the CCACCA Scholarship Selection Committee each year.

  • Recipients of CCA Scholarship Program grants can re-apply for additional grants the following year. However, some monies are not available for consecutive year grants.

  • Applicants must submit copies of their quarterly/semester transcripts at the mid-year point, to be submitted no later than February 15th and year end transcripts by July 15th. Scholarship monies will be withheld if not submitted timely.

  • Failure to adhere to any of the previous requirements may result in a disqualification of the application. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all information is being provided, either with the application or mailed separately. The CCACCA office WILL NOT contact you regarding ANY missing information.

Please mail or deliver your application to: 

Cattlemen’s Association

638 Enos Way, Suite B

Livermore, CA 94551

To receive a copy of the scholarship application in Microsoft Word format, please send a request to:

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